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Product Information:

Get ready to host a Bunny Blast Foam Party at your birthday party or other event. Imagine your guests dancing in the foam at your company event, community festival, or school event.

Our professional grade foam cannon pumps foam up to 5' high in a 30x30 feet area.

We provide a Foam Specialist and also set-up or DJ booth and blast out age appropriate music as the fun begins.

When it's all done, there is no clean-up for you!

    • We serve all of North Carolina and southern Virginia. A small travel fee is calculated at checkout for locations beyond 1 hour from downtown Raleigh.
    • Foam parties are enjoyed outdoors since it does get wet.
    • All shows require electricity, level and dry ground for the performer and the audience. If you are planning for a park, please verify the electricity.
    • Foam birthday parties. HOA events, school events, child care centers, church youth groups, family reunions, company events, the list is vast.
    • You can reschedule your rental due to rain at no extra cost as long as 24 hour notice before travel to your location has started. See contract at check-out for more details.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 GROUP SIZE:
    • We recommend approximately 20-30 people at a time in the foam. This will vary by the height and size of the party people. We can also add a second foam cannon...contact us for pricing.
    • ➡️Open area of about 30 feet by 30 feet. Driveways and other paved areas are great. But grass also works for parties lasting not longer than one hour. We do not recommend grass if the Foam Party will last more than one hour or you'll end up with mud due to the group dancing one the wet grass for an extended period.
    • ➡️A 110v 20amp electrical outlet within 50 feet of the set-up area.  If you are planning your event or party in a park, then please verify the electricity.
    • ➡️We also need a water faucet within 100 feet of the set-up area. We'll connect a hose to it.
    • ➡️Parking space near the foam zone for the unload / reload of all of our props and equipment. 
    • ➡️Adult supervision is needed. 
    • ➡️For any questions you have, contact us. Use the contact form below, or call/text 919-391-8113.
  • IS THE FOAM SAFE? Yes because it's composition is similar to baby shampoo. It is also...
    • Bio-degradable so it doesn't harm the environment. This means it won't hurt your grass or plants.
    • Hypoallergenic so it is not likely to trigger allergy reactions. The special bubble formula doesn't usually irritate the skin or eyes of people nor pets.
    • Non-toxic so it does NOT harm people or animals or make you sick if consumed, but still don't eat it. 
    • Scent-free and NON-Staining

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:



  • Extra 30 Minutes of Foam Party Fun $145

    Extra 30 Minutes of Foam Party fun

  • Colored or Glow In The Dark Foam $100
    • Illuminate the night with our ultra-violet non-toxic additive to cause  your after dark foam party to glow
    • Or add color to your daytime foam as an added attraction
    • Colored foam is great for gender reveal parties or holiday events

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